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I built my first guitar before I'd changed a set of strings.  The itch to create was present then, and I thought that just one quick project - a kit guitar - would make it disappear.  I was wrong.  Instead I ended up falling in love with it.,  Every step of the process was at once uniquely taxing and fulfilling.


It goes without saying, then, that my guitars are made with love.  Along the same lines, they are also made with extreme care.  I could not spend dozens of hours creating an instrument only to accept a subpar product.  Every guitar I ship out or hand deliver must be my best work.  This is the promise I make to myself and to you, the customer.


Although I love every part of the build process, design is one of my favorite elements.  If you have a "perfect" guitar in mind, don't hesitate to contact me. I would love too discuss your concept with you and see if we can work out a plan!

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